Perforated Stainless Steel

Perforated stainless steel in an architectural application

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Perforated Stainless Steel

Quality perforated stainless steel can be used in several applications, as it is strong, resistant to corrosion, and visually attractive. At Accurate Perforating we make it our mission to adhere to the highest standards of perforated metal of all kinds. Below, read more about our services in perforated stainless steel and the wide range of applications ideal for stainless steel.

What Makes Perforated Stainless Steel Unique?

Perforated stainless steel sheet metal is a common material for functional and decorative structures. Its properties make it ideal for several reasons: notably, its resistance to corrosion and rust. It provides excellent corrosion resistance when left unfinished, or it can be finished with a variety of coatings to customize its appearance and further increase its longevity.

Perforated stainless sheet metal is also highly regarded as a sustainable, re-usable resource. This material can be produced from recycled material and lasts for generations. Perforated stainless steel can also be completely recycled when it is deemed no longer useful for its existing purpose.

Countless Applications

From outdoor decorations and sun shades to stairs and machinery, stainless steel perforated sheet metal can be used for endless purposes.

Perforated stainless steel is used in air diffusers for the HVAC market, acoustical panels for noise control, support for water filtration media, and architectural elements in building construction. These are just a few of the countless applications for perforated stainless steel.

The featured photo shows a corrugated perforated stainless canopy covering a courtyard between buildings at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago IL. The unique perforating tooling allows the material to retain a smooth edge after corrugating. The perforated stainless filter baskets utilize 316L grade stainless for petroleum and other harsh chemical processing to resist corrosion.

What Accurate Perforating Can Do for You

Accurate Perforating has earned a reputation for manufacturing the finest perforated metal products, from perforated stainless steel plates to aluminum and copper.

We can perforate stainless steel in thousands of different patterns, in material ranging from 24 gauge to 1/4" thickness and widths up to 72". We can supply custom coils, sheets and blanks, as well as fabricated and finished components ready for installation. Our perforated stainless steel metal sheets and coils are widely regarded as top quality in the industry.

Call us today or request a quote directly from this site. A professional OEM or Architectural Estimator will be glad to help you with any of your perforated stainless steel requirements.