Perforated Metal HVAC Applications

Perforated Metal HVAC Applications

Disseminating Air, Eliminating Sound

Perforated metal products are used in the HVAC industry in diffusion systems and air ducts. It’s the perfect medium to:

  • Distribute air evenly,
  • Act as a silencer, and
  • Be aesthetically pleasing as a filtration media holder.


Curved perforated metal HVAC diffuser

No cold floors. No blasts of heat or arctic temps on occupants. No stale air. A room with evenly dispersed air is the best habitat for work, play or living. Perforated metal is used in HVAC air diffusers to distribute air evenly.

Accurate Perforating supplies perforated metal components to manufacturers and suppliers in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. With a 50% to 60% open area in the perforated metal, we can ensure even temperatures and airflow in any size building.


Fan noise and HVAC system noise can move right through air hoses in the duct system, sending undesirable sounds throughout an entire building. No one can function well in an environment with unwanted noise.

Perforated metal HVAC silencerPerforated metal is utilized in the duct system as a silencer. It’s the ideal medium to break up the linear airflow and quell noise pollution. Many silencers have an open area of 18%, but Accurate Perforating supplies components with an open area of 23%—the ideal percentage that really works. Perforated metal also acts as a media (filter) holder in the ducts, holding filtration to deliver cleaner, more comfortable air.


Round perforated metal HVAC diffuser

Accurate Perforating has high-speed equipment and over 70 years of metal fabrication experience, and 10 years of expertise as a supplier for the HVAC industry.

What does this mean for you? You’ll receive precision-made perforated components, a quick turnaround on your order, and cost-effective prices. With our expertise, equipment, and engineering team capable of working with different programs, we offer creative solutions for any HVAC application.

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