A building’s energy efficiency often comes down to small changes. Other times, however, a single building feature can make a huge difference. Perforated metal cladding is an obvious choice for energy-efficient building design because you see an immediate difference — from better, smarter airflow to natural lighting.

Here are a few key energy-efficiency benefits you can expect from perforated metal sunshades and exterior cladding.

Heat Control

One of the biggest challenges for commercial buildings is controlling heat. When a building is exposed to brutal sunlight for long periods of time, cooling it off is an endless task. Perforated metal sunshades are a way to naturally cool a building by allowing heat to escape. With some ingenuity, a building designer can actually take advantage of the position of the sun for maximum energy efficiency. Designs can even take into account sun position in winter to effectively heat up the building using the same perforated metal used to cool it in summer.


Another major energy drain is lighting. Commercial and residential buildings will pump endless energy into basic lighting, even during daylight hours. Perforated metal is an ideal energy-efficient building material in this regard. Panels can be placed such that they allow in natural light all day. This is especially useful in lobbies and entryways, where you can more naturally create an open-air feel. Why perforated panels over simple glass? While glass can also be used to allow in natural light, it has a tendency to magnify heat. You also have fewer options when it comes to blocking direct beams of blinding light, whereas perforated metal gives you a means to strike the right balance. Lastly, glass has to be cleaned, a costly and time-consuming chore that can blunt some of your energy and resource savings.


As noted above, the natural airflow created by perforated metal cladding allows heat to escape. It also dramatically improves airflow. In addition to reducing energy consumption, perforated metal cladding can create a healthier environment for building occupants. Healthier, happier occupants are less likely to need fans, humidifiers, air purifiers and more. Plus, improved airflow can help indoor plants thrive, which adds to the overall energy benefits of perforated metal cladding.

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