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OEMs And Fabricators

Behind every manufacturing project is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) creating quality components, and the Accurate Perforating team is a world-class business partner when an OEM project requires perforated metal. We excel at manufacturing custom, complex perforated components — ranging from perforated corrugated metal to perforated metal mesh. With comprehensive service packages, we can help you meet even the most complex OEM project goals. Below, read more about the benefits of partnering with an industry leading perforated metal manufacturer and find out how the Accurate Perforating team can be your most valuable business partner.

The Benefits of Working with Perforated Metal Manufacturers

Components that incorporate perforated sheet metal are in high demand. Our industry impacts countless others because perforated metal is incredibly useful. Because perforated metal fabrication is highly specialized, it pays to do business with the best of the best.

  • Accuracy: A quality perforated metal manufacturer can assure a level of accuracy that cannot always be matched in-house. By working with trained professionals with years of experience, you can trust that your job is done to the right specifications every time.
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008 Certification ensures that the perforated metal manufacturer you are working with is committed to the highest quality standards and shortest lead times. Certification demonstrates that the manufacturer adheres to better process management (from regulatory to customer requirements), increased product consistency, standardized processes that help reduce variability, and overall services that exceed internationally recognized standards of quality. By partnering with a certified and experienced perforated metal manufacturer, you can ensure that your end product is of the highest quality possible.

Perforated Metal Manufacturing for a Range of Applications

It’s more than simply perforated metal sheets. Our manufacturing services are valued in wide-ranging applications. To name just a few:

  • Mechanical — From automotive to ventilation for heavy machinery, perforated metal is crucial in mechanical manufacturing.
  • HVAC — The perforated vents and screens in heating and cooling keep HVAC equipment working properly.
  • Building Design — Perforated metal panels can be used for aesthetic and functional purposes in exterior and interior design.
  • Furnishings — Perforated metal is increasingly common in ergonomic and comfort design for home and furnishings.
  • Food processing equipment — Drainage, ventilation, brewing, pressing and more require quality perforated metal components.

Why Accurate Perforating?

Accurate Perforating is certified to meet all of your perforated metal manufacturing needs. What’s more, we understand the value of strong relationships and listening to the customer. Our team works closely with yours to meet all pricing, design and delivery requirements.

Accurate Perforating collaborates with OEMs and fabricators every day to help bring better products to market. We offer far more than just perforated metal, we offer full services for planning, engineering, fabrication, finishing and delivering your perforated components. We work with engineers, product managers and procurement specialists to deliver the right mix of services. Our company understands your industry’s challenges and requirements, and we have the knowledge and equipment to help you meet them.

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