How We Work for OEMs and Fabricators

How Accurate Perforating works with OEMs and fabricators

We understand the needs of manufacturers and metal fabricators. We know that your  goal is to bring the best possible product to market, on-time, and at the lowest possible price.  We meet these needs through close collaboration of engineering and logistics, an array of services, and responsive support from initial quote through final delivery.

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Accurate Perforating offers the following to give you the best quality for any perforated sheet, coil, part, or component, delivered on time at a competitive price.

  • A huge selection of standard perforation patterns, and the ability to create tooling for virtually any custom pattern.
  • Standard perforated sheets and coils
  • Custom perforated sheets and coils beyond standard 4’ x 10’ made to fit your design - that way you’ll get exactly what you need at the optimal price.
  • Offering numerous services to help ensure your satisfaction with our products, prices and lead times. Go to our service page to learn more.
  • Providing samples, prototyping and fabrication of custom parts and components.
  • Complete forming, welding, laser cutting, punching and assembly services.
  • Total finishing services, including galvanizing, painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating, PVDF and custom finishes.
  • Blanket orders – We can manufacture three to six months’ worth of product at one time, stock it in our warehouse, then ship upon request reducing your price and lead-time
  • Short lead times and flexible delivery options, including custom packaging, stocking, fulfillment, and just-in-time delivery services
  • The market leverage of a large supplier to keep prices low and ensure availability.