Tooling & Machinery

Custom perforated metal tooling capabilities

In our business, tooling is everything.  We design specialized machine tools to perforate standard and custom hole sizes from 0.045" to 4.0" diameters as well as slotted, square, hexagonal, and decorative perforations.  Our tools are also designed to handle specific material types and gauges in order to give you the highest quality product.

The perforating process starts by designing and machining precision tools to exacting tolerances.  Machining a new tool is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process.  From start to finish, it can take up to 18 weeks to create or replace a tool.  To keep costs and lead-times down, all of our tooling is done in-house on sophisticated CNC machinery including wire EDM machines and programmable CNC drill presses.  

During the perforating process, perforating tooling naturally wears down due to the wear and tear of metal pounding on metal.  Our Tooling Department keeps a close watch on the age and usage of each tool to make sure that our tooling is available when needed. Before a tool has reached its maximum usage, our Tooling Department proactively machines replacement components, then reconditions the tool to keep it active.  For popular perforation patterns, we keep multiple tools in our library to ensure availability and guarantee fast lead-times.

We maintain an immense tooling library, with more than 2,000 ready-to-run tooling patterns right in our plant. If we don’t have the pattern you’re looking for on-hand, we can often build a custom tool for the job in our on-site tooling department. Contact us to discuss your requirements.