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Accurate's product options

Coil, Sheet, Blank, Fabricate, Finish

At Accurate Perforating, we understand the importance of perfectly customized perforated products. Below, learn about the various product options to ensure that your perforated components meet the exact specifications of your project.

    Product Types

    We specialize in several product types, including the following:

    • Perforated coils made from most metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized metal
    • Perforated metal sheets made from most metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal
    • Perforated blanks made to exact size and dimension requirements; with options like margins, mounting holes, notching, radius roller, corrugating and more
    • Fabricated components made by combining metal perforating with forming, bending, welding, laser-cutting, and punching competencies, made ready to be shipped and installed

    Margin Options

    Our team can create customized margins for your specific project, giving you the ability to achieve just the right design or appearance. We take care to meet your specifications in terms of distance between perforated sections to the end of the sheet; or as with our selective area margins, sections within the existing perforation that are left alone. Our offerings include intermediate margins, safe side margins/min margins, end margins, side margins, selective area margins, no margins and skip feeds.

    End Pattern Options

    As with our margin options, we can meet your requirements for specific end patterns. End patterns can be finished, unfinished or symmetrical. Unfinished ends are left to appear rough and incomplete at the end of the perforated sheets. Our options for finished ends are made to be solid, appearing uniform at the end of the sheet. Our symmetrical ends start and end with perforated rows that have the same perforation pattern appearance.

    Final Component Fabrication Options

    At customer request, we perform additional fabricating to complement our standard services like forming, bending, cutting, punching and welding. Those final options include profiling, radius rolling, corrugating, notching and more. We offer these services to give you even more control over how your component will both install and appear. Options include:

    • Countersunk holes that are tapered inward to ensure that screws or bolts are flush with the surface
    • Mounting holes made for easy mounting by way of screw or bolt
    • Notching for design or functionality on an area of perforated sheet or blank cut-out
    • Corner profiling, or a radius cut on a sheet or component to round the edge for design or functionality
    • Formed/rolled radius to add strength and aesthetic appeal by consistently rolling or forming metal into radiused shapes
    • Corrugations enhance the visual appearance and increase strength by forming material into a consistent, symmetrical profile

    Finishing Options

    Finally, we understand the importance of an attractive end product, which is why we offer a wide range of interior and exterior finishes. Our services include anodizing, plating, painting, powder coating and more, going so far as to ensure an exact match to the color of your choice. We also offer our expertise to help you make the right decision.

    Contact us today to learn more about our product options and to find out how we can help you.