Agriculture, appliances, architecture, audio – and that doesn’t even exhaust the A’s. The list is long.

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Peruse detailed case studies of our architectural collaborations and precise project briefs on our OEM work.


Here you’ll find an impressive array of work samples we’ve done across our capabilities and industries.

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Our work in metals and other materials takes an almost endless array of forms

The proof is before your eyes. Accurate Perforating’s skill and experience in perforated metals stretches across multiple industries and applications and makes it possible for architects, OEMs and service centers to achieve their goals, no matter how lofty or pragmatic. Perforated steel and aluminum are just the beginning of the list of materials we confidently work with. 

Our work is vital to cutting-edge electronics, HVAC and medical applications – to list a very few of the many functional and decorative perforated and fabricated metal products we supply. For a long list of applications, architectural case studies, OEM project briefs, and galleries of individual images representing actual perforated metal and fabrication projects across the spectrum of our clients, follow the links on this page.