OEM Applications

Perforated metal in architecture.
We are proficient at collaborating on perforated projects for interior and exterior architectural applications. We excel at manufacturing perforated components like sun shades, facades/cladding, in-fill panels, privacy panels, and ceilings.
Perforated metal in audio applications
Custom speaker grilles require high open area patterns. We work in partnership with audio engineers to create designs that meet exacting criteria, are durable in many demanding outdoor applications and are pleasing to the eye.
Perforated metal HVAC screens and diffusers.
We make perforated materials used for commercial air diffusers, fan guards, and clean room screens. Our perforated metal is used extensively to make air cleaner and people more comfortable everywhere.
Security ceiling systems, perforated metal
Our security ceiling and wall systems offer institutions a safer and healthier environment by establishing an impervious interior barrier that is engineered to absorb sound and resist mold and mildew.
Perforated metal for manufacturing appliances
Commercial and consumer appliances use our perforated metal in many applications like dryer drums and flights, fans, refrigeration units, dishwashers, and retail display coolers.
Perforated metal in manufacturing agricultural equipment.
Our products can be found in grain dryers, hammermill screens, aeration systems, field equipment, baskets, filters, guards and more.
Perforated metal for baking trays and pans.
Much of North America’s bread is baked in pans made from our perforated blanks. The perforated open area allows for proper ventilation so that the dough can rise and bake evenly.
Perforated metal for the automotive industry
We provide components for many automotive products, including muffler components, filter wraps and cages & grilles and guards.
Perforated metal for electronic enclosures
For server cabinets and many other types of electronic applications, the patterns are unique, and built to exacting specifications and flatness. They provide shielding from electronic interference, and sufficient cooling for components.
Perforated metal for medical and scientific laboratory equipment
We make many components for the demanding medical and scientific fields, including laboratory equipment like autoclavable sterilizer trays, test chambers, ventilation hoods, and test tube holders.
Perforated metal for medical and scientific laboratory equipment
Our perforated metal is used for cartridges and baskets in many kinds of applications. With air, water, and oil filtration, perforated metal is used to support the filtration media while under intense pressure. In addition, perforated metal is used in air filtration applications to reduce air flow noise.
Perforated metal for retail store fixtures, displays, and shelving
Our perforated metal is used in shelving and display racks at places everyone visits every day. Home Depot®, Sears, Target, and Blockbuster Video are just a few of the retail outlets where our products are used.
Perforated metal furniture, seating
Designers create furniture, and components that bring beauty to all kinds of spaces. We execute their designs in many materials, including thick aluminum and steel.
Perforated metal fencing solutions
Perforated is an excellent material for fencing as it offers superior strength and security yet allows air and light to flow through. You can easily adjust the perforation pattern to get desired look and the perfect open area.
Perforated metal ceiling solutions
Perforated metal is formed and installed in many places to provide a unique design and aid in noise abatement. We’ve collaborated with designers on airport ceilings, office buildings, concert halls, swimming pools, gyms, even subways.
Perforated metal acoustical panels for noise control.
We provide perforated, fabricated, and finished acoustical panels for generator enclosures, recording studios, concert halls, duct silencers, ceilings, power plants flue silencers, aircraft run-up silencers, and much more.
Perforated metal for lighting fixtures and components.
Beyond providing unlimited design possibilities, perforated metal is an ideal material in lighting fixtures to influence the amount of light that is allowed to flow from the fixture. Perforated metal is also utilized in the fixture housing as a means of ventilation.