Appliance Applications

Perforated Metal Appliance Components


Appliances can’t function properly if they overheat, get clogged with debris or have moisture buildup. Perforated metal is the medium of choice in consumer and industrial appliances to ensure air and light flow, provide protection to the unit and safety features for users, hold filtration substrates, and offer design beauty.

We at Accurate Perforating supply components for use in:

  • Dryer drums and flights to capture lint and push air
  • Dishwasher components to allow water through, but catch debris
  • Refrigeration units and retail display coolers for shelving and internal components
  • Perforated metal covers on appliance fans to draw air in and provide safety features


Perforated metal components for appliances are durable, sturdy, and provide design aesthetics. We offers custom tooling and perforating to meet nearly any design requirement and have finishes that ensure the longevity of the components in an environment of intense water, air, temperature, and debris exposure. But at Accurate Perforating, we go a step further—we guarantee production and delivery that will be headache-free for you.


Accurate Perforating, we understand that hassles in production and delivery can result in a loss of revenue for you. We provide precise accuracy in matching up the required components for your product. If you’ve had trouble with suppliers delivering components that are twisted, not level, have mounting holes or perforation incorrectly placed, or suffered with delivery that is consistently late, we offer you something different—a headache-free process from start to finish. Our components will be free of defect with no camber, and will meet your unique tolerance thresholds for the appliance, matching seamlessly. And we have inventory that is kept stocked, meaning you’ll have no delay in servicing your customers.

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