Perforated Metal Ceilings

Better than a Basic Ceiling

For ceiling projects that need something better than basic ceiling tile, perforated metal panels are an optimal choice. When durability and innovative aesthetics need to be the combined qualities in a ceiling, perforated metal should be considered. When a ceiling job required that thousands of panels must match up without error in the ceiling architecture, Accurate Perforating can complete the project flawlessly. Accurate Perforating provides perforated metal panels for hospitals, government buildings, airports, transportation facilities, and all types of large, architectural projects.

Accurate offers perforated metal ceiling panels with unique design options, including:

  • Graphics, images, and text options
  • Options with margins (end margins, side, and interior margins)
  • Options in materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum)
  • Any desired perforation pattern (hole size or pattern)
  • Variable perforation options (for ventilation and lighting)
  • Options in finishes (anodizing, powder coating, plating, painting)

Expertise for the Job—from Start to Finish

Accurate Perforating has a reputation for rescuing projects that other manufacturers failed to complete, and for bringing the project to completion. We have extensive experience managing large projects that involve diverse teams (architects, engineering teams, and contractors). Our work culture is to take responsibility from start to finish and we love a challenge.

Before starting your project, our engineers ensure that your design is sound. Then, Accurate has the capability to perforate, fabricate, install sound mitigation layers, and finish the perforated metal panels. The panels are carefully packaged—all clearly labeled, with detailed instructions for assembly. We ensure that the shipping is done correctly so that the ceiling panels arrive to the site flawless and safe—no damage or warp to any pieces.

Our case studies show the expertise we bring to projects:

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