Perforated Metal Stair Treads and Risers

Perforated metal stair risers and treads are a commonsense and effective way to improve safety. Perforated metal is a superior medium for stair treads and risers — both interior and exterior. The unique qualities of perforated metal bring safety, cleanliness, durability and aesthetics to any building.

Safety First

One of the primary advantages of installing a perforated metal staircase is significantly improved safety. Unlike traditional stairs, perforated metal stairs are textured to provide better slip resistance — making them ideal for use in private and industrial settings. They can keep workers safe in a factory or prevent accidents in public spaces.

Significant safety features are provided in perforated metal risers and treads:

  • Prevent painful falls and injuries that could result from getting a foot caught between stairs.
  • Slip-resistant surface, even when moisture is present on the tread.
  • High load-bearing capacity for increased structural integrity of the stairway.

Perforated stairs are also much easier to keep clean. As such, metal stair treads and risers are often preferred as the most sanitary option for commercial use.

Ease of cleaning and polishing are other benefits of using perforated metal treads and risers. Airflow, sunlight flow and proper drainage are features of perforated metal treads — features that yield sanitary benefits for a stairway. Rust-free, non-corrosive materials and finishes ensure that the metal treads and risers are long lasting.

Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing

On the whole, perforated metal is an excellent option because it adds strength and durability to your structure. Perforated steel stairs are no exception. Strength and resistance to corrosion give both interior and exterior metal stair treads a long lifespan. Over the long term, this means savings in terms of repairs and replacements.

What’s more, functionality is only one major feature of perforated metal stair tread. Perforated metal also adds an element of texture and beauty to any structure. It gives a clean, contemporary design to stairways, and can be customized to complement the aesthetics of any building or environment. Because of the numerous perforation patterns available, the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Working With Accurate Perforating Company

Accurate Perforating Company has the equipment and experience to excel at producing thick plates of metal with medium- to large-sized holes — the exact structural type necessary for stair treads and risers. We also have the capabilities to offer solutions to any stairway needs that architects, designers or builders may have. We have a variety of patterns available to suit the aesthetic needs and structural requirements of your stairway project. With over 70 years of expertise in the metal perforation industry, we can also fabricate, weld, form, finish and integrate risers or treads with railing panels.

Our team knows the benefits and limits of every option we offer, and we are eager to help you make the best selection possible — whether it’s decorative perforated metal you’re after or highly functional metal stair treads. Contact us today for a quote on perforated metal stair treads and risers.