Punched Metal


Punching metal is an excellent way to create quality perforated metal products. It is widely viewed as one of the most efficient ways to create high volumes of perforated metal panels. At Accurate Perforating Company, we lead the industry in high-quality punched metal sheets. Below, learn more about the punching process, the benefits of punched metal panels, and why Accurate Perforating Company is your best option.

The Process Behind the Punching

Punched sheet metal is created by way of a punch-and-die process. Essentially, sheet metal is exposed to a punching tool made of extremely strong tungsten carbide. The metal is braced by a die on the other side, which keeps the sheet firmly in place for clean shearing. The die then catches the resulting slugs. The result is a sheet metal panel with clean sheared perforations. From punched stainless steel sheet metal to punched aluminum sheets, the result is always high-quality perforated metal made quickly and efficiently. At Accurate Perforating Company, we are experts in punch and die, and consistently produce the best products available.

Applications for Punched Metal

Whether punched or created by other means, perforated metal is an incredibly versatile material for countless applications:

- Functionality. Punched metal is used to improve structures and machinery. It is an excellent option for light screening, sound control and ventilation. Punched metal can be incorporated into most building designs to improve quality while adding to overall appearance.

- Aesthetics. A major part of the charm of punched metal is that it adds an impressive layer of depth and eye-pleasing physical features. In addition to unique visual texture, perforated metal allows you to make ideal use of light to vastly improve your building’s ambience.

At Accurate Perforating Company, we’ve seen it all. From basic design to inspiring innovation, our team has a deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of punched metal. We are happy to put our skills to use for you.

Options Available

At Accurate Perforating Company, customers have multiple options for premium punched metal. To name a few:

- Material. From punched copper sheets to punched steel, the various materials have unique advantages related to strength, resistance to corrosion and appearance. Whatever functionality you seek, the team at Accurate Perforating Company can help you select the right material.

- Size and shape. At Accurate Perforating Company, we reject a one-size-fits-all business model. We offer a wide range of options for hole size, shape and configuration. We even offer custom patterns to meet your specifications.

Whatever your project specifications, our team can walk you through your options to find the best solution.

Why Accurate Perforating Company?

Customers keep coming back to Accurate Perforating Company because of our commitment to quality. We have the highest standards in punched metal manufacturing, and we work hard to meet even the most rigid customer specifications. By aligning with your team, Accurate Perforating Company can ensure that you get the product that is right for you — every time.

Contact Accurate Perforating Company today to learn more about what we can do for you.