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We confidently provide any service relating to metal perforation and fabrication.


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We provide perforated metal for a huge range of applications.

Perforated Metal for Service Centers & Distributors

We can provide what you need, when you need it

We know that service centers and distributors are looking for the right selection, price, quality, and delivery to satisfy your customers’ needs. We work with you to ensure that you’ll have a reliable supply of quality perforated metal products at a price that maximizes your margins.   We offer a wide range of services from toll-processing and stocking to custom packaging and precision material flatness in order to provide you the ideal solution.    

Quotes for most projects are completed typically within 24 hours, if not faster. Our service people are dedicated to streamlining the workflow for your order, so you get exactly what you ordered and get it quicker. We can even offer packaging and delivery choices that save you time and labor, so you can stay focused on serving your own customers.

But streamlined doesn’t mean limited. We can provide anything from standard perforated sheets up to 1/4" thick and 60" wide to highly customized, formed and finished end products. We don’t just perforate – we level, cut, bend, degrease, galvanize and apply any finish from paint and powder-coat to plating, anodizing, PVDF and more.

Whatever your customers want, we can provide it – quickly and at the highest quality. Add low pricing and unbeatable service, and you have a one-stop-shop for all your perforated metal needs: Accurate Perforating.