Green Design

Accurate Perforating can help you supply green products to your customers

We can help you supply green products.

Reduce energy use in manufacturing and product performance.
Minimize pollution and environmental impact.
Reduce energy usage and resource consumption.

Your customers increasingly want to build these qualities into their designs and products. Accurate Perforating understands and can supply you with products that meet your customers’ demands. At the most basic level, perforated metal made with recycled content helps achieve all of the objectives above, stylishly, functionally and on budget. But our engineers and fabrication experts can also help you build green features and energy-efficient performance into the products you carry.

To make all of these possible, we offer a huge range of materials, patterns, finishes and fabrication options. And just as important, our project managers know how to coordinate all the stages and contributors to a product that’s not only high-performance but also green. We can also fully explain to you the green characteristics of the products we provide, so that you can convey these confidently to your clients.

Green design is good for the environment and good for your business. Talk to Accurate Perforating today about your green initiatives.