How We Work for Service Centers and Distributors

How Accurate Perforating works with service centers and distributors

Let us help you meet all of your customers’ needs. 

We know you’re looking for the right selection, price, quality, and delivery to satisfy your customers’ needs. We work with you to ensure that you’ll have a reliable supply of quality perforated metal products at a price that maximizes your margins.   We can provide you with exactly the perforated material that you need.  No more ordering oversized sheets and then shearing then to size at your facility.  We also offer a wide-range of services from toll-processing and stocking to custom packaging and precision material flatness in order to provide you the ideal solution.  Below are just some of the reasons why Accurate Perforating can help you be a hero to your customer.

  • Standard perforated sheets and coils.
  • Custom perforated sheets and coils beyond standard 4’ x 10’ sheets for one-off customer requests and unique projects.  That way you’ll get exactly what you need at the optimal price.
  • Metal fabrication including forming, welding, laser cutting and punching, so your customers can get everything they need from you.
  • Multiple levelers in-house to exceed your material flatness requirements.
  • Finishing, including degreasing, galvanizing, powder coating, PVDF and anodizing for more sales opportunities.
  • Blanket orders. We can manufacture three to six months’ worth of product at one time to reduce your prices and lead-times. We also can provide stocking and fulfillment to lower your carrying cost and lead times.
  • Short lead times and flexible delivery options, including packaging, distribution, warehousing and just-in-time delivery services.
  • Offering numerous services to help ensure your satisfaction with our products, prices and lead times. Go to our service page to learn more.
  • The market leverage of a large supplier to keep prices low and ensure availability.

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