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Perforated Metal Fence Outside a Restaurant

Like most trends, what is hot in landscape architecture one minute might be cold the next. And then some trends last the test of time – one such is decorative metal fence panels. Since homes and lands were first divided eons ago, humans began “fencing” off their territory to keep others off their ground. While we are more “civil” when respecting one’s property than our forefathers, we still “put up a fence” around our property line. Gone are the days of consumers wanting basic fences. Now, individuals demand a quality fence panel that’s built to last - especially outdoor cafe fences! Let’s look at three reasons why decorative metal fence panels will be in high demand in 2023.

Number One – Security

There are two critical factors when thinking about security. Indeed, one is keeping people out. Depending on the location, you may need a more robust material, such as barbed wire. However, most businesses want additional security but still want it to look nice. Perforated metal makes for the perfect choice for decorative metal fence panels. It gives you an added layer of protection without looking overly industrial. People also want to see who it is that is loitering around their business. While a vinyl fence gives you privacy, it doesn’t let you know what’s coming, leaving you vulnerable. A perforated metal fence is decorative and secure, making it a perfect choice for any decorative metal panel.

Number Two: Material Options

You can choose many substrates when you are thinking about metal. Aluminum. Galvanized Steel. Copper. Just to name a few. Depending on your location and budget, you can match the suitable material to your decorative fence panel needs. For instance, an aluminum decorative panel would be ideal in humid cities near the coast due to its high corrosion capabilities. But that might be overkill in the Midwest, where a perforated galvanized steel will do fine. The point is you have options available that will give you precisely what you need instead of being pigeonholed into something that might not be the right fit.

Number Three: Color Choices

Decorative metal fence panels allow you to pick from many color options! You can match the branding of your business to your unique corporate color palette. This is because metal is easy to paint. Options include powder coating or Kynar. Most manufacturers allow you to color match or use a powder recipe close to what you need. This shows your metal fence panels the uniqueness that makes them in such high demand.

Trust Accurate Perforating For Your Decorative Metal Fence Panel Needs

Accurate Perforating has been a go-to source for decorative metal fence panels for over 80 years. We work directly with fence companies and can customize a panel to your specific needs. Some of our more popular patterns include Hex, Diamond, and Round Cane. We even have a full sheet metal fabrication shop where we can first-step process or entirely fabricate a panel. Need help finding what you are looking for? We can create a custom pattern for you. Request a quote today for your following decorative metal fence pattern!