Accurate's Precision and Quality

Industry   HVAC
Application   Air Diffuser
Problem     Client's current vendor wasn't providing them perforated sheets with the quality and precision that they needed.  Perforated panels weren't flat or square in accordance with their quality tolerances.  In addition, perforated coils were arriving warped and with telescoping issues.
Solution   Even though the client's quality tolerances were way beyond the IPA's standards and not typical of Accurate's standards, our estimators and quality team worked with the client to truly understand their requirements.  Once the requirements were understood, Accurate implemented special quality standards for that client to ensure they received a quality part every time.  Those standardsare now available to any customer that requires a higher quality tolerance.
Pattern   0.093" x 0.187" Staggered (Pattern RS027) and 0.187" x 0.25" Staggered (Pattern RS068)
Material Type   Stainless Steel, Galvanized, and Carbon Steel
Material Thickness   0.032"
Finish   n/a
Equipment Used   Perforating Press, Leveler, Shear, Flatness Table, Squareness Tool